Cyn enillwyr Clasur Cymru

1984 MOUNTAIN HERO (B.G. 79 Dixieland/Ballymonty)
Owner/Trainer/Driver Teifion Thomas (Ammanford)
Time:2.15.5 Trail: 50yds Going:Fast

1985 RUSSIAN SQUARE (b.g. 79 Russian Patrol/Susan Square)
Owner: J Hearne (Walsall) Trainer: M Wilcox Driver: S Lees
Time:2.25.5 Trail: 20yds Going:Soft

1986 AMMAN COMMAND (B.G. 81 Saunders Leopard/War Queen)
Owner: J Connors (Cardiff) Trainer/Driver T Knott
Time:2.18.7 Trail: 20yds Going:Soft

1987 THE BOUNDER (B.G. 82Flight Messenger/Saunders Investiture)
Owner/Trainer: G Hammonds (Builth Wells) Driver: Teifion Thomas (Ammanford)
Time:2.15.7 Trail: Gate Going:Soft

1988 BLACK AND SILVER (b.m. 84 Russian Patrol/Noblesse)
Owner/Trainer: B Mould (Stafford) Driver: M Lord
Time:2.17.2 Trail: Gate Going:Soft

1989 GREENFOLD STORM (BR.G. 82 Truba Rainbow/Suzy Sota)
Owner/Trainer/Driver W Green(Manchester)
Time:2.15.9 Trail: 30yds Going:Heavy

1990 HOVIS (b.h. 83 Scotish Express/Southbrook Jean)
Owner/Trainer/Driver H Thomas (Ammanford)
Time:2.8.4 Trail: 10yds Going:Fast

1991 STONERIGGS JR (BL.H. 86 Rajah Lobell/Stoneriggs Dixie)
Owner/Trainer: D Hardwick (Llandrindod Wells) Driver: C Bevan
Time:2.19.2 Trail: 30 yds Going:Heavy

1992 OUTLAW (b.h. 82 Teddy Butler/Moonshine)
Owner/Trainer: W Jones (Brecon) Driver: A Haythornthwaite
Time:2.14.6 Trail:20 yds Going:Soft

1993 EXTRA SPRING (b.g. 89 Rustle of Spring/Extra Special
Owner: B Sadler (Aberystwyth) Trainer/Driver: C B Dowse
Time:2.8.4 Trail:Gate Going:Soft

1994 ALL MAC (b.g. 88 Kentucky Lobell/Baby Lion)
Owner: N & S Lee (London) Trainer: R Willis Driver: I Pimlott
Time:2.10.9 Trail:20 yds Going:Good to Soft

1995 PRECOCIOUS FELLA (b.g.89 Creativity/Saunders Abber
Owner: C W McKenzie (Lanark) Trainer/Driver: I Pimoltt
Time:2.8 Trail:20 yds Going:Firm

1996 SHARPEN UP (b.g. 90 Kerrygold/Saunders Lyonaway)
Owner: J A D Owens (Shobdon) Trainer/Driver: S Flook
Time: 2.16.2 Trail:Gate Going:Heavy

1997 DISREALI FORCE (b.g.93 Disreali Hanover/Chantry Girl)
Owner: R E Munday (Rhyl) Trainer: D Taff Driver: M Taff
Time:2.20.4 Trail:Gate Going:Heavy

1998 SIMON (b.g. 89 Ecologist/Georgia)
Owner/Trainer: D J Davies (Llanybydder) Driver: R Wilson
Time:2.7.8 Trail:20 yds Going:Good

1999 SAUNDERS CELESTIAL (b.g. 95 Taurus Hanover/Jenny Lobell)
Owner: R E Munday (Rhyl) Trainer: D Taff Driver: M Taff
Time:2.8.3 Trail:10 yds Going:Good

2000 LYONS SURE SIGN(USA) (b.m. 95 Life Sign/Go Lightly)
Owner: G Mound (Rhyl) Trainer/Driver:J Murdock
Time:2.9.6 Trail:Gate Going:Good


2002 STORMY REVELLER (bg 97 Young Commander/Springhill Sheeba)
Owner/Trainer/Driver: B Dean
Time2.4.3 Trail:20yds Going:Good

2003 GEORGE ARTHUR (bg 99 Sure Cam/Stoneriggs Glance)
Owner: J Howard Trainer: S Lord Driver: M Lord
Time2.2.4** TRACK RECORD Trail:10yds Going:Good

2004 SHADY ROMANCE (bm 2000 Shady Character/ Keystone Matrimony)
Owner: J & G Wright (Rhyl) Trainer: S Lord Driver: M Lord
Time2.11.2 Trail:20yds Going:Soft

2005 DAY DREAMER (bg 1999 Today's Man/ Hold the Dream)
Owner: J Winter (Cumbria) Trainer: S Lord Driver: M Lord
Time2.05.1 Trail: 10yds Going: Good

2006 MEADOWBRANCH FRANK (bg 2000 Camp Conway/ Churchill Queen)
Owner: Newtown Stud (Dublin) Trainer: Alan Wallace Driver: S Lees
Time2.15.6 Trail:10yds Going: Heavy