Acomeshead f Safely Kept Nellie Rip Off J Firth Afan Valantine m Hasty Hall Afan Crystal CM McKenzie
April Alert f Daylon Alert April Cover Up Bousefield Sisters American Gigolo m Village Jasper American Beauty G Thomas
ArtNSoul f Artsplace Classy Princess S Young Astouding m Artiscape Jennababe B Gilvear
Ayr Convoy f Daylon Alert Unforgotten H D Langford Ayr Miles m Daylon Alert Whos Laughing T Laurie
Ayr Ghost f Daylon Alert Ghostly Returns Ayr Standardbreds Ayr Talk m House of Cards Very Fast Cass P Mather
Ayr Legacy f Daylon Alert Dear Me Ayr Standardbreds Big Harry m Village Connection Coalford Virtue E Fletcher
Ayr Winner f Daylon Alert Round Three J A Till Broadland Fugitive m Alexie Alexie Hot Sarah J Faircloth
Blackfield Dreamer f Gothic Dream Flirting H Thomas Brywins Candyman m Gothic Dream Sweet Baby O J Breen
Blackwell Going By f Safely Kept Blackwell Fabiene J Kilgannon Brywins Highlander m Gothic Dream Its High Noon W Evans
Blazin Gallie f Western Hanover Galleria C Nicol Brywins Jasper m Gothic Dream Brywins Jamocha A Jones
Brywins Ice Maiden f Gothic Dream Brywins Largesse S Richards Brywins Magicpotion m Camotion Lifes Magic Girl J Gammie
Caenwood Milynn f Nianimble Pebblesinthesand J Price Brywins Rock star m Gothic Dream Mikes Starlight B Roche
Christique f Grimfromeartoear Bestique C Reid Brywins Thatslife m Gothic Dream Life Treasure M Richards
Daylong Song f Daylon Alert Brywins Melody A Brown Camden Cowboy m Western Hanover Butchie M Welling
Duggans Pheonix f Dragon Again January Spur c/o V Gill Castle TA m Castle Rajah Eye on Ayr H Barrett
Fire Star f Sable Matters On Fire E Jones Chinatown Lucky m Sable Matters Meadowbranch Aruba C Jones
Forgeside Dot Com f Camotion Apopka Denise M Jones Crocodile Hunter m Sable Matters Bustling Beauty E Jones
I am a Dragon f Dragon Again Allamerican Holly J Taff Daylon Dream m Daylon Alert Saunders Olivia SW Browell
Kentucky Luck f Sir Luck Santa Anna Hanover R Evans Double Dare Hanover m E Dees Cam Donít Hit On Me Cernyw Stables
Lady Camotion f Camotion Whitesand Treasure J Firth Doyel Connection m Dragon Again Private Plan B Gilvear
Lyons Allison f Hasty Hall Miss Allison Plate I Swindle Elysium Rocket m Hasty Hall Bon San R Allen
Lyons Attitude f Hasty Hall Lyons Mattitude E Jones Fairrhos Hill Billy m Hasty Hall Bon Lily I Jones Evans
Lyons Beauty f Jimmy Long Lyons Montana J Harvey Ffynnon m Sable Matters Hera Blue Chip B Thomas
Lyons Carrie f Jimmy Long Lyons Carrie Laura L Bell Fool Around m Sable Matters Merry Go Round H Evans
Meadowbranch Belle f The Cammisioner Boot Scootin Yank G Jones Havingaparty m Daylon Alert Party West B Gilvear
Meadowbranch Dawn f The Cammisioner Meadowbranch Mollie Meadowbranch Stud Home Habana m Home Dragon Home Jane G Davies
Meadowbranch Meg f The Panderosa Onenightinpankok Meadowbranch Stud I.B Gucci m Best Sunshine Annies Lady D Murphy
Meadowbranch Paige f Artsplace Over The Clouds Meadowbranch Stud I.B Rapido m Hasty Hall Casamia M Murphy
Meadowbranch Wendy f The Cammisioner Western Heartbeat Meadowbranch Stud Ivy Mike m Gothic Dream My Decision J Teale
Mystic Award f Mystic Howard Follybank Award P Lancaster JF Shadow Fox m Coalford Laag My Moon Beam J W Wilkinson
Nans y Glyn f The Cammisioner Meadowbranch Aussie Bois Y Dyffryn Syndicate Joe Dan m Daylon Alert Coalford Dream SW Browell
Nightlon Star f Daylon Alert Miss Scoot G Lewis Keystone Wingman m Dragon Again Keystone Waikki Finbarr Quill
Oakview Ruby f Hasty Hall Oakview Crystal Oakview Stables Kick Start m Chaps Almahurst Cherie Cernyw Stables
Pais y Pentre f Village Jasper Ynys Enlli W Jones Lakeside Rory m Armbro Operative Lakeside Dancer M John
Peterstone Sophie f Sable Matters Hellcat Hanover H Greedy Lakeside Thunder m Sable Matters Wellfield Joyce M John
Peterstone Survivior f Village Connection Magical Flight H Greedy Lyons Bobbie m Jimmy Long Lyons Cam Can M Ward
Pips Flash f Playwithafulldeck No Nonsense G Clark Lyons Eryl Hall m Jimmy Long Lyons Camp Best Lyons Stud
Poetchi in Motion f Cammotion Chi Chi Girl V Gill Lyons Ironstone m Jimmy Long BountifulIronstone N Bainbridge
Red Light District f Red River Hanover Pro Town Best D Lowther Mahogany Breeze m Hasty Hall Mahogany Scooter c/o A Haythonrthwaite
Rhyds Hasty Affair f Hasty Hall Shady Romance J & G Wright Mahogany Fame m Hasty Hall Mahogany Shark c/o A Haythonrthwaite
Rhyds Hot Pans f Hasty Hall Pontiac Pans AM P Mather Make Hast m Hasty Hall Sakra Pearl D Lowther
Rhyds Treasure f Hasty Hall Arts Treasure B McEvoy Meadowbranch Josh m The Cammisioner Churchill Queen DT Morgans
She The Dollar f The Panderosa Oh My Dear W Stewart Meadowbranch Rapus m Astreos Oro Meadowbranch Stud
Songflower Hanover f Artspalce Savoya Hanover G Clark Mister Universe m Sable Matters Brywins Miss World AJ Baker
Tattoo f Hasty Hall Southlands Eagle J Dalton Oakview Smokie m Coalford Laag Oakview Joy M Cheney
Trew Alert f Daylon Alert Too Trew Bousefield Sisters Pans Landing m The Panderosa Needles and Pans Finbarr Quill
Un named f Todays Man Silvertail V Gill Poker Face m Hasty Hall Stoneriggs Triumph B Barry
Un named f Todays Man Vicky's Dream V Gill Red Gigalo m Hasty Hall Red Sarah J A Till
Un named f The Cammisioner Klondyke Girl P Lyttle Rhyds Five Star m Hasty Hall Tonda Star J Howard
Un named f Artiscape Armbro Vilanelle C Nuttall Rhyds Ponder m Hasty Hall CP's Village Jigsaw M Elvin
Un named f Todays Man Three Cheers WJ Clark Rhyds Target m Hasty Hall Brown Shoes P Haythornthwaite
Un named f Mystic Howard Penny Lover J Howard Rudd Hanover m The Panderosa Robin Red Breast G Clark
Un named f Mystic Howard Annie Twin J Howard Saunders Desire m Real Desire Artiscape Artiste M Jones
Un named f Best Sunshine Kentucky Mir G Carey Sierra Romeo m Rock N Roll Hanover Theressa Hall S Ostle/J Stewart
Un named f Hasty Hall L J Firth Sir Bashful m Sir Luck Armbro Bashful B Gilvear
Un named f Barnett Hanover Polyana's Pick J Firth Streets of Gold m JWs Best Monarch's Gold S Teebon
Un named f Armbro Operative Lyons Lass J Firth Strike a Deal m Playwithafulldeck Special Almahurst P Mather
Un named f Daylon Alert Keystone Cricket B Gilvear Teddy Get Ready m Alexie Alexie Genevive J Faircloth
Little Dallas f Grinfromeartoear Wondermint B Thompson The Iceman m Daylon Alert Coalford Beauty G Thomas
Red Mystic f Mystic Howard Out of Cash J A Till Un named m Todays Man Die For Love V Gill
Un named m JWs Best Princess Di C Nuttall
Un named m JWs Best Laags Diamond C Nuttall
Un named m JWs Best Relay Team C Nuttall
Un named m Connors Dragon Delphi C Nuttall
Un named m JWs Best Sly Baby J Firth
Un named m Southwest Art Roman Dale M Ward
Westend Boy m Todays Man Magical Bell G Smith
* List ammended 30th March due to administrative error