Meadowbranch Lulu bf 2003 Island Fantasy Hera Blue Chip J Richardson GT 1
Immortal Joe bg 2003 Immortalized MC Scooter D Bevan GT 4
Black Knight blg 2003 Silky Stallone Alex Brass W Laidler GT 7
Caenwood Beachgirl bm 2003 Jenna's Beach Boy Ripley J Price GT 6
Blue Dreamer bg 2000 Oberon Factory Chance R Jenkins GT 2
Magical Tom bg 2002 Disreali Hanover Princess Di P Holden GT 3
Strike Gold grg 2003 White Heat Greenfield Kerry A H'thwaite GT 5
Saunders Magical bm 2002 Sure Cam Saunders Farewell GT 8
TIME: 2.17.5
DIST: Sh Hd, Nk
M'branch Lulu led out but was soon joined by Blue Dreamer, who ran most of the race 2 wide.
Blue Dreamer hit the front on the back stretch, and held off a strong and persistent challenge from Black Knight
who just got his nose in front on the run in - but Blue Dreamer dug in again and got up on the line with
Magical Tom making a very late challenge to come up between the 2 horses.
1st Meadowbranch Mike bg 2003 Blantantly Bald Fortunata Hanover J Richardson GT 9
Hilltop Greek bg 2002 Golden Greek Saunders Ellen D Bevan GT 2
Whizz Around bf 2004 Armbro Operative Merry Go Round V Gill GT 3
2nd Mayfelden Alfie bg 2003 House of Cards Stoneytude w Laidler GT 7
Brywins O Driscoll grg 2001 White Heat Mike Starlight J Price GT 4
Lakeside Di bg 2003 Sure Cam Mode of Fashion J Davies GT 5
Wellfield Jackal bg 2001 Churchill King Velvet Wind J Wright GT 8
Ayr Attack bg 2003 House of Cards Lady Lamour M Pritchard GT 6
3rd Forgranted bg 2003 Hasty Hall Chappaqua Barb C Nuttall GT 1
TIME: 2.18.4
DIST: nk 31/2L
Whizz Around found ideal position early on, and looked comfrotable bring the field up the home straight
for the first time, however a bad break put her right out of the race and leaving Meadowbranch Mike
to take up the running.  Held off Mayfelden Alfie impressively. Forgranted left his challenge late,
an earlier move may well have got him into the winners enc
Hopping Bye bm 2001 Hopping High Cant Catch me R Pearson GT 4
3rd Meadowbranch Niche bm 2002 Presidential Ball Grappa J Richardson GT 1
1st Rhyds Desire bg 2004 Hasty Hall CPR M Lord GT 2
Wellfield Gary bg 2002 Churchill King Gary's Advice A Dyer GT 3
Take Flight bg 1997 Direct Current Bird's Decision P Evans GT 5
Willbro Douglas bh 2001 Belmondo Willbro Amy D Ll Evans GT 6
Southpark bg 2000 Southwest Art Shore in Action C Bevan 10 3
2nd Ynys Cernyw bg Disraeli Hanover Ynys Elaine M Taff 10 1
Just William bg 1999 Oberon Rhiwbella D Bevan 10 2
TIME: 2.16.4
DIST: 5L   21/2L
Rhyds Desire made sure that his debut open run was hassle free - led from the front and simply went
away with ease.  Left the rest to fight it out
Cams Princess bm 2000 Cams Security Annie Factor W Harrop Jnr GT 5
Goldwood chg 1994 Kerry Gold Cherry Wood M Pritchard GT 4
3rd Rock Around bg 2001 Disreali Hanover Merry Go Round H Evans GT 3
Tax Free blkm 2001 Hogans Heroes Saunders Beachgirl D LL Davies GT 1
Ystwyth Harrier bg 2000 Armbro Harrier Rheidol Tywysoges S Morgans GT 2
Havinabud bg 1999 Young Commander Saunders Dancer A Cairns 10 2
2nd Panimal Farm bm 2002 The Firepan Pannery Row G Clarke 10 1
Symlog Deryn Du bg 2000 Symlog Prince Celtic Narin M Pritchard 10 3
1st Bon Jasper bg 2003 Hasty Hall Bon Sian J Richardson 20 1
Scoots Mischief bm 2000 Master Scoot Monkroyd Mischief N Thomas 20 2
TIME: 2.18.5
DIST: 21/2L  1/2L
Tax free although dr 1, after false start was put to 5 - nevertheless still led out, tracked by Panimal Farm
leaving Rock Around parked.  Rock Around got to the frontand the rail by the 1/2. The battle up front
 played into the hands of Bon Jasper, stringing the field out and giving in a free run to make up his
20 yard trail - and getting up on the line
RACE 5 OPEN HEAT 3 (Red 30)
3rd Mahogany Duke bg 2000 Disraeli Hanover Elita T Jones GT 3
4th Carousel blkm 2000 Armbro Harrier Merry Go Round H Evans GT 2
N/R Another Mattie bm 1998 Presidential Ball Matts Last Laugh G Price GT NR
2nd Free Contender bg 1997 Music King Free Flight C Bevan GT 1
1st Flashdance bg 2002 Chaps Perfect Joy G Clarke 10 1
Julies Disreali bm 1999 Disraeli Hanover Tabitha J Podmore 20 2
Evalution bg 2000 Cams Security Smart Girl J Harrop 20 1
Why Not Molly bm 1995 King Cam Holiday L Vaughan 30 1
Boldron Buddy bg 1996 Armbro Harrier Vickys Dream M Lord 40 1
Direct Dream bh 1998 Direct Current Cheryls Dream S Lee 50 1
TIME: 2.17.2
Ist four home occupied the 1st 4 places throughout the race - Evalution got up to them and looked as
though he may challenge.  Boldron Buddy , Direct Dream & Why Not Molly never got into the race.  
Spring Ruby bf 2004 Stoneriggs JR Spring Meg J Podmore GT 7
Glenarn Diva bf 2004 Blatantly Bald Daniels Lady J Richardson GT 8
3rd Annie bm 2003 Coalford Laag Nora Batty J Wright GT 9
Hogans Dream bg 2004 Hogans Heros Fooling J Taff GT 2
Lucky Stirke II chf 2004 Jimmy Long Strikinh Harmony M Taff GT 1
Symlog Immortel chf 2003 Immortalised Symlog Princess M Pritchard GT 3
2nd Bon Robert bg 2003 Hasty Hall Bon Ami L Price GT 5
1st Cherry Hall bf 2004 Albert Albert Table draft V Gill GT 4
RM Wonderwoman bf 2003 Intrepid Seelster Westgate Wonder R Jenkins GT 6
TIME: 2.17.5
DIST: 10L 4L
Cherry Hall made her way to the front very ealry on, took 3 others with her - which left the race in
 2 groups.RM Wonder Woman, Lucky Strike & Bon Robert made breaks early on.  Cherry Hall never
 looked threatened and came home unchallenged.  Bon Robert despite his break made up tremendous
ground and showed great speed and despite making a 2nd break on the last bend still finished 2nd.
Patch Piece H bg 2002 Hogans Heros Patch Piece Gypsy J Podmore GT 8
Talavary Mattie bm 2003 Mattwalk Ynys Marion J Wright GT 2
Framed bg 2004 Hogans Heros Just Kerry J Taff GT 3
1st The Fireball bc 2003 The Firepan Corruptible M Taff GT 7
Brywins Ovina bm 2003 Whiteheat Saunders Valentine A Jones GT 1
Casino Madness bf 2003 Cams Card Shark Spring Squall A Cairns GT 6
Million Dollar Hall bf 2004 Million Dollar Cam Baby Gene W Laidler GT NR
2nd Greenwood Pixie bm 2003 Immortalised Elizabeth Du Bois P Evans GT 5
3rd Del Boy II bg 2002 Whiteheat Free Again A Jones GT 4
TIME: 2.18.0
DIST: 16L 8L
Depsite his draw The Fireball got a prominent position at an early stage - and showed his superiority to pull well
away from the field in the back stretch
Fearless Jesse bm 2000 Stoneriggs JR Doubtful J Podmore GT 2
1st Artist Control bm 2003 Real Artist Property Damage J Richardson GT 6
Blue Campari bm 2003 Cams Security I'm in Control M Goggins GT 9
4th Family Circle bg 2000 Macatross Family Friend H Thomas GT 8
3rd Kestrel Blaze bm 2003 Silky Stallone Stoneriggs Kestrel A Haythornthwaite GT 4
Vivienne bm 2002 Raque Bogart Three Cheers D Langford GT 7
2nd Chaps Commander bg 2003 Chaps Lady Commander C Bevan GT 5
Spiderman bg 2002 Todays Man Highcarls Princess W Harrop GT 3
Dillingers Dream grg 2004 DM Dillinger Ultramarine S Lee GT 1
TIME: 2.19.9
A tightly packed race until John Richardson burst out of the pack in the middel of the back straight - put a lot of
daylight between himself and the others in a very short distance
RACE 9 IMPROVER (to be split if all declare)
Blackfield Bentley bc 2002 Macatross Coalford Cadillac P Morris GT 2
Saunders Butterfly bf 2002 Silky Stallone Saunders Blizzard J Price GT 4
1st Just for Joe bh 2003 Jate Lobell Armbro Nashua J Richardson GT 7
2nd Wellfield Terry bg 2002 Sure Cam Velvet Wind S Mould GT 8
Oakview Rapture bf 2004 Hopping High Coalford Joy M Lord GT 1
3rd Gwyddil Dainamic bg 2002 Armbro Harrier Gwyddil Gina D Lloyd Jones GT 6
Spring Skipper bh 1999 Crabby Yankee Spring Taurus L Vaughan GT 5
Coalford Major grg 2003 Coalford Lag Saunders Chelsea A H'thwaite GT 3
Saunders Fearless bg 2002 Silky Stallone Saunders Farewell W Laidler GT 10
Highland Gale bg 2001 Brets Nightngale Little Pat D Bevan GT 9
Precocious bm 2002 Todays Man Black and Silver S Mould GT N/R
TIME: 2.18.3
DIST: 2L, 5L
Ystwyth Rebel bg 2002 Charamagres Gold Rheidol Brehines GT
Ystwyth Flyer bg 1997 Brets Nightingale Win a lot N Thomas GT
Mondo Bell bm 1999 Belmondo Lady Strauss D LL Jones GT
Ayr Again bm 2001 Eye on America Ayr Direct P Morriss GT
Girlswannahavefun bm 2003 Life Sign Schwing A H'thwaite GT
2nd Porterstown Topaz blkf 2002 Cam Luck Ebony A Cairns GT
Western Star bm 2001 Saunders Western Stars Choice C Morrison GT
3rd CU Salzberg bc 2003 Hopping High CU Sooty D Bevan GT
1st Bet your Miffed bf 2003 Bettors Delight Miffed Hanover W Laidler GT
TIME: 2.21.4
DIST: 3L 1 1/2L
3rd Crown Manhattan bc 2003 Northern Luck Wild Proposition J Richardson GT
Caenwood Beachgirl bf 2003 Jenna's Beach Boy Ripley J Price GT
4th Lakeside Dai bg 2003 Sure Cam Mode of Fashion J Davies GT
Wellfield Bobby bg 2003 Stud Muffin Tartan Kilt D Mathews GT
2nd Taken Over Hall bm 2003 Matts Scooter Taken W Laidler GT
Radnor Valley bg 2003 Stoneriggs JR Panache Lobell M Pritchard GT
1st Connors Dragon bg 2003 Dragon Again Hurry Up Heather C Nuttall GT
TIME: 2.19.6
Hot favourite Crown Manhattan went into an eraly break on the first bend leaving the door open
for the Connors Dragon & Taken Over Hall.  Connors Dragon looked relaitvely comfortable throughout
and kicked away nicely at the 3/4.  Crown Manhattan made 3 breaks, loosing considerable ground
each time - still finished 3rd. 
Meadowbranch Niche A Cairns G
Rockaround H Evans G
2nd Rhyds Desire M Lord G
Ynys Cernyw M Taff 10
Panimal Farm G Clark 10
1st Bon Jasper J Richardson 20
4th Free Contender C Bevan 30
Mahogany Duke T Jones 30
3rd Flash Dance V Gill 40
TIME 2.17.7
DIST 2 1/2L , 3 1/2L
Mick Lord steered Rhyds Desire into an early lead.  Mahogany Dule despite his 30 yd trail was up challenging
the front runners by the 1/4 pole.  ?Broken hobble forced M'branch Niche out on the first bend.
Ynys Cernyw had an inside run and tracked Rhyds Desire for the most of the
race.  John Richardson drove a cool race to bring Jasper up along Rhyds Desire and the 2 of them broke away
from the pack at the 3/4 and it was Bon Jasper who came off the last bend the strongest - Hasty Hall 1 & 2!