TREGARON START SHEET SUNDAY MAY 2010                                      
    First Race 2pm (Qualifiers 1pm)          
    IMPORTANT NOTES            
  1 Declarations close 12.30pm          
    Please make sure you have your licences and horse passports available, and that all fees are paid up to date.    
  2 Draw for position will take place immediately after declerations close        
  3 Late declarations will be placed on the outside          
  4 Any change of drivers must be notified to the Secretary as soon as possible      
  5 Track tel number Racedays only 01974 831576          
  6 Dope tests will be taken before and after racing        
  7 All prize money will be forwarded to the owner within 14 days          
  8 All torphies must be signed for, and returned 14 days beofre the May 2011 races.A charge of £350 will be made for any trophies not returned.  
  9 Withdrawls to Raymond Jenkins 01974 272009 (Ev) 01974 298099 (Day)      
  10 No unauthorized parking of caravans, Mobile homes, other vehicles or camping will be allowed on the race field    
  11 Use of body protectors is compulsory          
  12 Any alteration to this PROVISIONAL start sheet will be notified on the Tregaron Trotting Website      
  13 All horses on this startsheet are liable for the full entry fee.Withdrawls after 2pm Thrsday 7th May will have a further penalty applied as per Rule K5.  
    Rule K5: The withdrawal of an entered horse must be done by the owner/trainer to the track secretary at least 48 hours prior to the race date  
    unless accompanied by a vets certificate.Failure to withdraw or declare in the time allowed, will mean a penalty will be applied.  
  14 Rule K9 (the bar across the sulky seat support).Failure to comply will result in an automatice £100 fine.    
  15 Anyone failing to produce their licences when asked to do so by the stewards or officials will be fined and may not be permitted to compete if they    
    are not inorder.Pleace have all papers with you when declaring.        
    All horseboxes/lorries will be checked by the gate staff to ensure that the correct number of people have been paid for.  
    If stowaways are found the horsebox/lorry will be asked to leave the field immediately and the horses will not be allowed to run  
    STARTSHEET IN RACECARD ORDER                      
    QUALIFIERS 1pm     GRADE 0 2pm/2.20pm                  
    Guns Blazing (Re-Q) H Thomas   If all declare, race will be split into 3 div            
    Sunnyside Camp C Bevan   If one withdrawn, race will be split into 2 div            
    Fool Around R Evans   IB Gucci 0 D Murphy Gt   She's Got It 0 G Carey Gt    
    Brywins Allamerican J Davies   M'branch Angel 139 J Richardson Gt   Crogies Dream 0 A Rees Gt    
    Symlog Imp P Morris   Rhyds X Factor 0 J Podmore Gt   Ffynnon 22 R Wilson Gt    
    Valley Jasper D Bevan   Dream Maker 0 M Evans Gt   Pans Landing 0 D Murphy Gt    
    Cam Shaft A Davies   Brywins Thatís Life 0 I Pimlott Gt   Shes The Dollar   J Richardson Gt    
    Mahogany Import (Re-Q) M Jones   Vyrnwy Taffie 0 G Nicholson Gt   M'branch Belle 0 D Isaac Gt    
    Ithon Flyer M Evans   Saunders Bambi 0 J McInally Gt   Me With Forsure 0 J Podmore Gt    
    Loveshack (Re-Q) H Thomas   Allamerican Dawn 0 K Evans Gt   Meadowland Tom 0 M Evans Gt    
    Thorneyside Abbi C Bevan   Mahogany Blaze 40 C Bevan Gt   Uncle Joe 61 D Langford Gt    
    The Iceman R Evans   Ringaround 120 R Evans Gt   Krakatoa 0 P Evans Gt    
    Lakeside Thunder J Davies   Lakeside Rumba 20 J Davies Gt            
    Wilbro Maverick (20y) A Jones                        
    HANDICAP HEAT 1 Grade 4/5/6 2.40pm       HANDICAP HEAT 2 Grade 4/5/6 3.00pm      
    Keep In Touch 1535 A H'thwaite Gt     My Immortal 1610 A H'thwaite Gt    
    Zorro 1540 S Mould Gt     Dilemma 1315 S Mould Gt    
    Sauders Paigeboy 1675 D Bevan Gt     Caenwood Beachgirl 2480 J Price 10yds    
    Real Deal 2170 R Evans 10yds     Financial Matters 1915 J Richardson 10yds    
    Eternal Lobell 2380 M Jones 10yds     JaJa Binks 2070 W Jones 10yds    
    Devils Best 3355 J Price 20yds     Grannell Shane 2125 T Jones 10yds    
    Rhyds Heartbeat 3340 M Lord 20yds     What About Me 3067 E Langford 20yds    
                Ayr Kid 3055 J Podmore 20yds    
    HANDICAP HEAT 3 Grade 7/8/9 3.20pm       GRADE 1 3.40pm          
    Yougn Will 4725 A Rees Gt     Spring Falcon 220 H Thomas Gt    
    Lyons Stallone 4642 G Price Gt     Rhyds Playboy 160 D Bevan Gt    
    Lyons Robinhood 3805 J Podmore Gt     Teadies Best 163 M Goggin Gt    
    Red Ryan 3915 D Langford Gt     GJ's Grandslam 185 G Wakefield Gt    
    Rhyds Puzzle 5587 T Murphy 10yds     Rhyds Girltalk 250 G Nicholson Gt    
    Kouros Boy 7172 G Dunne 20yds     Symlog Sparks 365 P Morris Gt    
    Purple Rain 9399 J McInally 30yds     Adore Hanover 155 M Evans Gt    
    GRADE 1 4.00pm           GRADE 2/3 4.20pmRED MILLS QUALIFIER    
    Ceirion Disraeli 305 H Thomas Gt     Radnor Valley 550 H Thomas Gt    
    Easy Going 530 J Wright Gt     Winbak Billy 555 D Bevan Gt    
    Ginger Man 35 D Bevan Gt     Tommys Gold 870 J Wright Gt    
    Sherwood Jasper 425 J Podmore Gt     Hello Finally 675 R Evans Gt    
    Duggans Cherished 470 L Price Gt     Blue Dreamer 895 P H'thwaite Gt    
    Keemosahbee 220 R Wilson Gt     Talavary Cherokee 896 J Richardson Gt    
    Home Habana 357 R Evans Gt     Whiz Around 1157 J McInally 10yds    
                Rhyds Treasure 1040 D McKenzie 10yds    
                Ceirion Eagle 1005 I Pimlott 10yds    
    GRADE 2/3 4.40pm           SENIOR WELSH DRAGON 5pm      
    Ystwyth Rebel 835 G Price Gt     Shane's Baby   G Carey Gt    
    Lyons Leonie 565 H Thomas Gt     Artribute   J Price Gt    
    Blackfield Buddy 700 E Langford Gt     Majestic Rosa   J Richardson Gt    
    Bon Robert 830 S Mould Gt     Brywins Bouncer   J Davies Gt    
    Symlog Imortelle 812 P Morris Gt     Wexford Beach   M Jones Gt    
    The Biscuit 1176 G Carey 10yds     Rhyds Destiny   M Lord Gt    
    Cats Cam 1040 J McInally 10yds     Ayr Mission   M Elvin Gt    
    Meet N Greet 920 D Bevan 10yds     Whitestar Hanover   A H'thwaite Gt    
    Dark Fox 1225 C Bevan 10yds                
    Ayr Delight 1195 J Podmore 10yds                
    PREFERRED FFA 5.20pm         SPRING HANDICAP FINAL 5.40pm      
    Terripan Hanover 8504 A Davies Gt/1            
    Artisan 9135 J McInally Gt/2            
    Scoot Around 10740 P H'thwaite Gt/3            
    Blue Russian 21375 T Murphy Gt/4            
    Rhyds Desire 31446 M Lord Gt/5            
    Doonbeg 465233 G Dunne Gt/6